Mac Repairs

Mac Upgrades

Regardless of the age, condition or model of your mac, it may be time to upgrade it. Upgrading RAM, installing a more recent operating system or reconditioning the hard drive can save the expenditure of a replacement and also help to prolong the life of your device.

Screen Problems (Faulty/Broken)

If your display is faulty, or you have cracked your screen, we can source, supply and fit a replacment to get your Mac back up and running as quickly as possible.

WiFi Problems

A lack of internet connection can often be a huge problem when your trying to use your Mac. Our technicians are well equipped to deal with a whole host of connectivity issues.

Booting Issues

A common fault on many Mac's is failing to boot. This is usually caused by an issue with the hard drive. Our staff are well versed in repairing boot failures on Mac's.

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